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Bestbuy Rebate Dollars

BE$TBUY REBATE DOLLAR$ are part of our Customer Loyality Program. When you purchase most items on our website, you will also receive a certian amount of BE$TBUY REBATE DOLLAR$ that can be redeemed when making future purchases. The current value for each item is displayed on both the item page and the item detail page. BE$TBUY REBATE DOLLAR$ are automatically accumulated in you account until you redeem them.
Here at BestBuy Figureskating, we want to show you just how much we appreciate your business by rewarding you for your loyality. Virtually every item you purchase on our website includes BE$TBUY REBATE DOLLAR$ that can be used towards any future purchases. As an example, if you purchased a pair of Riedell Ladies Gold Star boots with Paramount blades, you would earn 35 BE$TBUY REBATE DOLLAR$. You can then redeem your BE$TBUY REBATE DOLLAR$ for a gift certificate which you can use when making future purchases. Any unused BE$TBUY REBATE DOLLAR$ are accumulated in your account.
When you are ready to reedem your BE$TBUY REBATE DOLLAR$, simply log in with your last name and email address then click on the Customer Service tab. Click on the "Redeem Points" link which will allow you to redeem your BE$TBUY REBATE DOLLAR$ for a gift certificate. It's that easy!
Please note that redemption certificates and unused portions of these certificates expire one (1) year from the date generated. BE$TBUY REBATE DOLLAR$ are not redeemable for cash and may not be returned for a cash refund. We cannot replace and are not responsible for lost or stolen redemption certificates.