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Eclipse Titanium Infinity Figure Skate Blade

Eclipse Titanium Infinity Figure Skate Blade

Ready to skate your absolute best?

Introducing the ALL NEW lightweight Eclipse Titanium™ blades by Riedell. Eclipse Titanium is lighter, stronger, higher and faster. These amazing blades combine elegance and lightness with strength and performance to help you reach your skating dreams.

45% lighter than steel, titanium offers one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios of any metal. It’s 60% denser than aluminum and twice as strong. Made by hand in North America by expert blade-makers, a pair of 10-inch Eclipse Titanium Infinity blades weighs just 14.2 oz. (402.56 g)—lighter than any other blade on the market today! Less weight and less resistance on the ice means you’ll cover the ice faster than ever before and jump higher with more control.

The blades are crafted with a molecular structure perfected for skate blades and the Swedish stainless steel runners provide long lasting edges, a smooth glide and extra strength. So with Eclipse Titanium you’ll experience lightweight beauty with power.

And don’t forget – you can try Eclipse Titanium out with a 60-day full money back guarantee. You’ll be amazed at the difference you feel at first skate.

Reach the peak of performance with the Eclipse Pinnacle, designed for the most demanding competitive freestyle skater. Offering an 8 foot blade radius for maximum speed and solid sole plates for added strength to tackle rigorous routines. A side-honed runner and chrome free rakes bite into the ice, while its increased stanchion height allows for better skate clearance. You'll stand proudly atop the podium in the Eclipse Pinnacle.

MSRP: US$565.00
Best Buy Price:US$525.00
BB-Rebate-$$: US$12.00
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